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    Slipping in to a warm and comfortable sleeping bag is amongst the greatest pleasures of countryside camping. To keep the night time chill from increasing, you need to select a sleeping bag of the right temperature rating, insulation and shape. Other considerations might include cost, features and roominess that boost comfort and convenience.

    Temperature rating

    This is determined by the season when you find yourself most likely to use the bag- summer, winter or if the temperatures are moderate. In many instances the bag’s name gives a concept about its rating, as an illustration Marmot Plasma 15 bag is just one rated to a temperature of 15F. If you happen to like camping during winter, select a bag rated at below 0F while a bag suited for summer camping is rated 35F and higher. Many people go for the 3-season bag using a temperature rating of 10F to 35F since it is appropriate for varying seasons.

    Sort of insulation

    Virtually all sleeping bags come in three types of insulation – the, synthetic and down water-repellent down. Down bags are loaded with duck and goose feathers. They can be breathable, compressible, light and durable. They are relatively expensive and can be allergic to users, however. Synthetic insulation is pretty cheaper, quick-drying, insulates regardless if wet, and contains considerable durability. However, synthetic insulation is not compressible and thus occupies larger room when packaged. Water-resistant down insulation maintains insulation regardless if positioned on wet ground.

    Shape and loft

    Loft can be a key issue in determining a sleeping bag’s warmth. It refers back to the puffiness or the thickness in the bag (a way of measuring the outer diameter in the bag). Just in case two bags have similar shape, features and type of fill, the one that includes a higher loft is warmer. Sleeping bags come in three shapes- rectangular, semi and mummy-rectangular. In order to concentrate more warmth to the body, Mummy-shaped bags are tapered at one end. Rectangular sleeping bags offer greater room for a user to move their feet. The semi-rectangular bags combine the main advantages of another two plus they are more preferable.

    Other bag features

    It is additionally good to check on bags for zipper compatibility. In the event that two bags should be zipped together you need to locate a bag using a "right-hand" zipper and another one with a "left-hand" zipper. Other features you may seek out range from the option of a built in hood into which you may stuff clothes to form a pillow. You might also search for a draft tube that operates on the main zipper to improve insulation. You need to check for the inclusion of a stash pocket into which you can put a wrist watch, glasses, phone or other small gadgets.


    Deciding on a a sleeping bag is basically reliant on the season that it is supposed to be applied. , form of insulation, storage room as well as the shape are also critical factors that you need to consider.Cost and weight Features say for example a built-in presence and hood of the stash bag can add to your convenience and comfort.

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