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    where liking the look and menu in their cafe restaurant I ordered for my main course some grilled fish. Chatting on the friendly waitress and just people watching and just relaxing over some beers, I lingered here until it almost got dark.

    Then moving on but wanting to get

    Tacoma Escorts of what I presumed to be another tourist area of Kiev, can also be seemed to be small off the beaten track, instead of jumping in the next taxi I walked for about 5 minutes to the nearest Metro station Arsenalna which was good for Independence Square 1 stop down the line.

    Kiev Metro

    Being the first time I ever used the Kiev metro it was easy enough, although I conducted have to ask someone if I was within the right platform for Khreschatyk. Basically from the cashier ticket booth you search for blue plastic coin for five Ukrainian (about 0.15p) that is working towards good to travel sticking the coin in the slot to open the barrier to let you thru but currently being the deepest station in society with probably the longest escalators, it took what seemed like ages to achieve the platform below.

    Looking for a wife

    Emerging back onto Independence square and being a Saturday Night it was the busiest I have experienced it and feeling and a sense of achievement of saving at least 145 Ukrainian from not implementing a taxi I toward the nearest pub, The Copper, on Mykhailivska Street which again had a nice atmosphere and friendly staff and also sitting at the bar was another chap about exactly age as me and we got on like investment property on fire. Never married he was currently the actual Ukraine looking for a wife in which he told me about a part of the social functions he has attended in Kiev and Odessa as well as the dates hes had fast-becoming beautiful women.

    naked ukraine girl

    potential wife

    He even went to Thailand once but he explained the women over there didnt really do anything for him. When he goes on a break now all he ever does, he explained, is travel for the Ukraine, just in equally some people including myself at just one occasion return repeatedly to Thailand.

    Khreshchatyk Street 2am

    Shaking hands, wishing some other good luck and not surprisingly full of beer, going our separate ways I found myself back on Khreshchatyk at 2am. There was a different laid back sort of atmosphere with these early hours among the morning. Chilling out were a couple obvious freelancers including a colossal girl who blatantly adjusted her bra in a teasing way looking up at me as I walked past. Walking past the people by the benches, some sitting alone or with small groups of friends drinking having a limited party, I felt quite safe as opposed to London I might add and walked all the way back to your hotel.


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