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    There are various kinds of welding that can be used to become listed on materials together. I’m going to be discussing the welding of metal to metal and steel to steel.

    The commonest forms welding are:

    Wire feed welding – which some individuals contact mig, mag, gasless or flux cored.

    Arc welding – also referred to as stick welding

    Tig welding –

    Gas welding

    Spot welding

    Wire feed welding can be referred to as MIG welding. The proper term is GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding. When utilizing this welding technique you possess a torch or gun in your hand and squeeze a trigger. Whenever you squeeze the trigger, wire in the torch will start to emerge. This wire might be pointed at what you need to weld.

    The technical good name for arc welding is SMAW or MMAW. That is Shielded or Manual Metal Arc Welding. This time around you have an electrode that is only a period of filler wire that is certainly an average of about 1 foot long and it is covered inside a flux. As you make use of the rod up the flux will burn up and make a shielding gas that protects the weld.

    Tig welding is certainly a fine and delicate welding technique. For this you’ll want to hold you torch in a hand and employ a filler rod in the other. The idea is that you slowly feed the filler rod in the weld as you go along. You’ll be able to weld with TIG or GTAW, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding without the need for the filler rod and simply just melt both pieces of metal together. This is called "fusing", where while using heat from arc you melt and fuse it together.

    And also the last different sort of welding you have is termed "spot welding". This is employed for sheet metal fabrications. In a nut shell the two bits of metal that should be joined are positioned between the electrodes about the ends with the arms from the unit. They are offered together as well as the welded part is going to be between those points. It is only commonly a second approximately for this to happen. Simply a buzz and it’s really done. This can be a quickly strategy for joining sheet metal parts. Things like toolboxes make the perfect illustration of exactly what do be and they are spot welded.

    There are also a number of other several types of welding methods for metal like friction, ultrasonic, thermite and sub arc only to name some.

    But by far the people mentioned previously will be the most common today.

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