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    Based around my tweet from tonight, I just had carryout a blog post about it because its just too funny for 140 mail. I give the guy at least a b- for effort in trying English. Heres how the conversation went down since I entered the room:

    Hi! How are things?

    Yes how much are you charge

    Oh Nice to setup a meeting too! and shook his hand. Nothing bugs me more than people who respond my greeting with a how much question. He looked at me like I was crazy for my response.

    After asking where he was from in China, I wrote down in some recoverable format how it worked: $150 is a fee for me to dance and i work for tips.

    Oh no I think its fast food altogether

    Fast ? Did you just say fastfood?

    Yes, takeaway food he pronounced much clearer this point.

    What, ready made meals like White castle? I dont deliver McDonalds Im sorry

    Yes fastfood its mean make-a love from 14 million

    Did due say 14 million?

    Yes 14 million, years ago. If you cant do takeaway food for $150 the I will be grace you with $5 and you leave

    $5? Youll have in order to complete better than that

    He upward giving me $20 for my troubles and a groping hug, but insane laugh I let the whole in order to my car was worth a much. Thanks for the good laugh on the slow anti aging night! I want to find out where he translated hugely sex into fast food stuff.

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    Photo An afternoon White Shirt and Panties

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    What if

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    I started writing this on vacation on a text file on my phone because it struck me in some random placed into the world one thing that I love about my job: versatility.

    I forget if it was in some text or on twitter reply, but one person asked us a what if question: Imagine if it were you quit working, an amount you miss the most about task?

    This. I’d miss particular. Being able to take a vacation and then extend it for whatever amount of energy and time that Needed. Go wherever I wanted and a person calling me saying I have to back again to exercise. I had one phonegirl call me since i have left figure out how was my vacation, I sent her a time consuming text back saying that Im fine and are back understands when. Im off for more information on the economy.

    I would miss a lot of to tell or enlighten people where when or why I am going somewhere, for a lengthy amount of energy. Put in notices earlier to someone or clients (if I owned my own, unbiassed company). As a nothing at this time holding me back from going anywhere at anytime when I need. I don’t possess to bide time until a paycheck when I purchase back to reset or maybe if I went over vacation days. As i get back I can work and earn immediately.

    I know since Ive been gone one girl was in order to be leave Vegas and go find a part (adding: Uncovered out since returning she really has moved on,) in another state and live with relatives. I asked her changing question: The actual you for you to miss the most? She said the time-table and comprising her own time slots that she preferred. She liked working the swing shift, 5pm to about midnight.

    Escorts in Chicago took off when she wanted to spend time within the home and always took off Sundays. She gets a strong personality and he or she was concerned that she wouldnt prosper with the sudden change of developing a real boss and job where she didnt earn much. Also the change of getting a paycheck that came after a particular time, not very close cash-in-hand. Weight reduction . some from the same aspects that would worry me, having said that i know terrible do it and glad she is better of luck to this.

    Now I am back, it has been hard to be motivated to obtain back perform. I am feeling better, but the change back to heat and the worst case of jet lag I have ever had (Im guessing its because I vanished for so long,) Im sure Ill back again in your swing of things tonight or tomorrow. Since I involving it, preferably tomorrow because I dont know if I’m able to deal i’m able to drunken pool party goers on Sundays who have stayed awake since Friday night. Tomorrow it is probably.


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