I am now walking along the Katy Trail and it is a beautiful trail to walk on. The scenery can be unbelievable at times, and the pace that I am walking at allows me to enjoy every aspect of it. I walk surrounded at times by a canopy of trees, and at other times the Missouri river on one side and towering bluffs on the other.  The trail I am walking on is made of crushed stone, and with a few exceptions the grade has been fairly flat.

I began walking again after spending my first night camping at the Klondike Park located about halfway between Matson and Augusta Missouri. If you are in the area the Klondike Park is a great place to spend the night and is really well kept and clean. They have showers, and even have a small kitchen area with deep sinks, a small stove and a microwave for campers to use.

After walking through Augusta and Dutzow I arrived at Marthasville, a nice little town along the trail, and camped at a pavilion just beside the local ballpark. The townsfolk were really friendly, and I was able to get a good nights sleep and a shower as well. The following day I walked to Treloar through a downpour of rain but was able to remain relatively dry due to my rain suit and waterproof gear. What did get wet I dried in the sun when I got there, and after enjoying a cheeseburger and fries for dinner I set up my tent for the night. The following day I continued my walk towards the town of Hermann, and after walking about ten miles or so I stopped at a winery to purchase a few bottles of water because I was running really low and I still had at least eight miles to walk that day.

The heat that day had been brutal, and the humidity had to be close to 100%. My hips and feet had become very sore from walking on the crushed stone surface of the road, and I had been told the winery was the only place to rest and get water before reaching Hermann. Although the winery was only a third of a mile off of the trail, getting there proved to be very challenging to say the least. Just before reaching the winery the gravel road I was on became very steep, and I had to stop several times to catch my breath before I reached the top. I finally got there, and that is where God intervened on my behalf once again.

If you would like to get a more in depth version of what happened that afternoon please head over to http://freedomsroad.org and read my latest blog. To make a long story short however, a wonderful lady passed me pulling my cart up the hill and after arriving at the winery she offered to not only give me a ride into the town of Hermann, but she also took me to two different grocery stores to get needed supplies and to her favorite restaurant for dinner. The owner of the restaurant, The Hermann Diner, refused to let me pay for the meal and asked me to come back the next day. After eating we continued to the local park where I will spend the next couple of days camping.

As soon as I can I will give you additional updates about my walk, and all of the wonderful things that have been happening to me. Please continue to pray as I continue with my journey, that God will make me a blessing to others, and that my health will continue to improve. Until the next time…




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