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Blessings Continue

What an amazing week! So much has happened I hardly know where to start. After leaving Carthage I began my walk to Webb City but was unexpectedly delayed after experiencing boot failure and foot pain. I stopped at an RV park on Old Route 66 called Camp Mi Casa where Stephanie, the owner, let me

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Made it to Missouri

After walking up and down what seemed to be endless mountains in Arkansas, I’ve finally made it to Missouri and guess what, more mountains! Upon entering Thayer I was fortunate enough to find a laundry mat and get my clothes clean, and to eat a quick meal at McDonalds. Then I began walking again, right

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Road Angels

Wow, the first major leg of my journey thru the beautiful state of Arkansas has been truly eye opening. I am blessed to be walking through not only a beautiful state, but a state full of kind and wonderful people. The generosity they have shown to a complete stranger walking along their highways simply

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My Route

My overall plan is to walk thru Arkansas to San Diego, California. The first major leg of my journey will take me from Bono, AR to Jefferson City, MO. It should take me about one month to reach Jefferson City. Once I get to Jefferson City I will join the Katy Trail and pretty

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