At the writing of my last blog I was in Roswell, NM and had spent the night at an RV park. I was so blessed to have a hot shower, to eat a good meal, to be able to wash my clothes, to be able to get groceries, and to have a safe and comfortable place to camp. God had once again met my needs in so many wonderful ways.

I left early the next day and spent the next four days walking to Hondo Valley, a beautiful valley full of colorful trees and stunning views. In this part of New Mexico the beauty of God’s creation is on full display. I spent most of the fifth day out of Roswell walking through Hondo Valley, and towards the end of the day accepted a short ride from a very kind gentleman who not only took me to the only store in the area, but also provided me with a bag full of apples. Once there I was able to purchase a few much needed supplies, and a very kind young lady named Priscilla suggested I pitch my tent behind the store where I would be safe. She also provided me with a cup of hot coffee the next morning because the weather had turned very cold. Priscilla, thank you so much for your kindness!

As I walked through the mountains that morning it just seems to get colder and colder. I knew I had over twenty miles to walk to get to the mountain town of Ruidoso, and quite frankly I wasn’t sure I would make it that day. I also knew it would be a very cold night, and I didn’t look forward to spending the night at those elevations. I should not have worried, because God had help on the way.

I met Joe Gutierrez the previous evening at the store, and he had offered some helpful advice about walking the mountains towards Ruidoso. That morning he pulled up next to me, told me he and his brother Jerry had to go to Ruidoso anyway, and offered to give me a ride to get me out of the cold weather. I believe they were just looking for a reason to offer me a helping hand, and they knew just how hard the walk up those mountains would have been that day.

Upon arriving in Ruidoso Joe told me that his brother Jerry had made a similar trip years earlier and remembered the difficulties involved in making this kind of a journey. Not only did these two incredibly kind men give me a ride and lots of encouragement, they also both handed me money as they left me. Joe and Jerry, thank you for finding a reason to go to Ruidoso, for giving me a ride to the top of the mountain, for your encouragement and for helping me financially. May God bless you for your kindness!

But you guessed it, God wasn’t done yet. After grabbing a quick meal at McDonald’s, I continued my walk wanting to get as far down the other side of the mountain as I could. Maybe fifteen minutes later two young men from the Apache Nation picked me up and gave me a ride down the mountain into the Apache Reservation. They dropped me off outside of the local grocery store, and after thanking them I continued my walk until stopping that evening to camp just outside of the reservation. I camped near a small church, fixed a small meal, went to sleep and awoke the next morning to warm sunshine pouring in through the cover of my tent.

God knew I would have been sleeping in freezing conditions I am ill prepared for, and provided me with multiple rides to get me over the mountains and into warmer conditions. What joy it brings to my heart to know that my Heavenly Father continues to take care of me every step of the way, even though I certainly don’t deserve it. Praise be to God for all of his continued blessings!

Always Onward I Walk,