Isaiah 40:31 – But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve learned that God’s timing is always perfect, and I need to wait on the Lord in every situation. I have a very bad habit of wanting to make things happen on my time schedule, instead of waiting on God’s time schedule. Learning to wait on God, and that his timing is always perfect was once again illustrated to me by what has transpired over the last couple of weeks.

If you have read the blog prior to this one you know that once I arrived in Florence, Kansas, I was blessed to meet fellow believers in Christ Tom and Donna Blaes. During my walk to Florence I had experienced several delays, including bad weather that had delayed me by a day. When I entered the cafe to eat the next morning, I was still thinking about losing that time and how it might cost me with winter about to set in. Donna waited on me that morning, and we had a brief conversation about my walk. After eating I asked for my bill, but Donna told me not to worry about it, she was going to pay for it. Once again God had provided another meal for me.

As I was getting ready to leave her husband Tom walked in, and we began to talk about our shared faith in Jesus Christ. After talking at length Tom offered to show me around their town and we took off on a brief tour. Upon returning to the restaurant Tom talked to his wife and they then invited me to spend the night with them at their home. That evening as we talked they shared with me their vision of starting a faith based ministry at a local church they were going to purchase, and their obvious desire to serve God and to be in his will was inspiring. The next morning we went to take a look at the church, and you can find the story of what happened next in our previous blog entitled “Meeting Steve and Our Story”, written by Donna herself.

To make a long story short God delayed my journey because he need me to meet Tom and Donna at exactly the time I did. Had things happened the way I wanted them to happen chances are we would never have met, and some terrible things may have happened. After learning what we did Tom and Donna canceled their plans to purchase the church, and asked if I would consider watching their dogs Sarge and Trigger at their house while they took a brief but much needed vacation, and I gladly accepted. I needed the rest, and their dogs were a lot of fun to spend time with. While they were gone I was also able to build them a website for their company, Blaze Siding and Windows. Because God’s timing is perfect and he knows exactly what we need we all benefited from our time together.

Not only did I get a much needed rest but Tom also offered to drive me all the way to New Mexico in order to get me back on schedule. Once we arrived in New Mexico he also paid for a motel room so I could get a good night of sleep, as well as breakfast the next morning. What a blessing and encouragement Tom and Donna were to me! Their strong desire to do God’s will was inspiring, and I am blessed to call them my friends in Christ. Tom and Donna, thank you so very, very much!

You would think by now I would have learned to wait on God, but once again my impatience came to the forefront, and once again God would get me on his timetable. Upon arriving in Tucumcari, NM I lost a day because of rain, and so I planned to get up and get an early start the next day. After showering the next morning I loaded up all of my gear and headed into town to buy some winter gear (thank you so much to Nancy Davis and Judy and Matt Beemer for purchasing the clothing I need to make it through the winter), and to stock up on my food supply. Having done that my plan was to begin walking again that day. Once again God had other plans.

That morning I had asked God for a good meal, and a warm place to stay that night because cold weather was moving in. After getting what I needed I started walking through town and a lady and her husband stopped me, told me they had a lot left over from an earlier meal and asked me if I wanted to take the extra with me. I accepted their offer and quickly realized that God had just answered my prayer for a good meal that day.

After accepting their kind gift I walked past the local hardware store, and sure enough I got a flat tire and another delay. They have these wonderful little things in New Mexico called goatheads, and if you are using anything that requires an inner tube to function you’ll quickly wish you had never seen one. They are everywhere, and sure enough I had one in my tire. I took my tire off so I could begin patching the inner tube when the folks from the hardware store came out to help. Not only did they quickly repair my flat and give me the materials I needed to fix my next one free of charge, they also offered to let me set up my tent that night in one of their warehouses because bad weather was once again moving in. God had just answered the other part of my prayer that morning by giving me a warm and safe place to sleep! Once again God was saying wait on me and I will take care of all of your needs in my time, and in my way.

As it turns out, that was just the beginning of things to come. Until the next time…

Always Onward I Walk,