Little did I know when the tall, tired looking slender man walked into the diner that dreary Monday morning how things would turn out. Quietly sitting alone in a booth, he would turn out to be the man who would save us from major health problems, and possibly even death.

As he ordered breakfast, he seemed a little discouraged but yet he was very polite. Noticing that he had pulled a cart up by the diner window with a sign that read “Walking across America”, I asked him about his journey. After telling me some of the details, he also told me that he was behind schedule, and rain was once again moving in. He asked about a place to camp and I directed him to a park with a shelter. A few minutes later my husband came in and sat directly across from him. Before long they struck up a conversation, and because my husband doesn’t know a stranger, their conversation went on for quite a while. While I continued waiting on my customers, my husband decided to give the man a tour of our small town, and they left together. Upon returning my husband suggested “Steve” stay at our home for the night as rain was moving in fast, and after agreeing that he should we had a guest for the night.

It didn’t take us long to realize we had a man of God under our roof which made his stay with us even more pleasant. We shared with Steve our upcoming plans for purchasing a piece of property that had an old Baptist church on it, and for turning it into a faith based ministry. He was excited for us, and wanted to help. The next day we took Steve to see the church property, but when Steve walked in he immediately knew something was wrong, and asked us to wait. He suggested we take a few mold samples from the walls and ceiling and have them analysed before beginning the tedious task of removing antiques, books, car parts, and much more from the building, so we did. To make a long story short, after waiting several days to get the results we found out the building was full of highly toxic mold that was capable of causing severe health problems and possibly even death.

I am so thankful Steve was delayed and not on schedule that day! We had no idea of the severe complications this type of mold would have caused. Steve may not have been on his schedule, but he certainly was on God’s schedule.

Tomorrow Steve will be leaving us. We are going to give him a ride to New Mexico which will put him back on schedule, because the time he delayed at our house became our blessing. I will certainly miss this gentle man, because we have found a true friend in Christ during his stay with us. I know that his mission for God and the children of St. Jude’s will lead him down the road to be a blessing to others. Please keep your eyes open for him, and help him along his journey. God bless you Steve Davis and THANK YOU!

Tom & Dawna Blaes