As I’ve made my way across this beautiful country of ours one thing has stood out to me more than anything else. Very simply it’s that God answers prayer. Without exception everyday as I’ve walked I have asked God for many things, and time after time he has answered my prayers. I have learned to rely on God in every situation, and for everything. Walking from town to town and from highway to highway, without knowing whether or not I have enough water for the distance I am walking, or without knowing where I will sleep each and every night has taught me total reliance on God. Each and every morning as I begin my walk I have asked God to tell me where to walk, I have asked him to protect me, I have asked him to provide food for me, and I have asked him to lead me to someone that I can help and be a blessing to. I can tell you without fail God has answered my prayers.

I vividly remember walking towards Hoxie, Arkansas near the beginning of my walk, being in the middle of nowhere and seeing the sky turn virtually pitch black. It seems as though I was surrounded with thunder and lightning, and looking around I realized I had nowhere to go. I remember asking God to help me and to protect me, because there was nothing that I could do to protect myself. What happened next I will never forget as long as I live. As I continued to walk down the highway the sky split, and the storm passed by me on both sides as I walked directly into sunshine. Later when I camped for the night I learned that the news stations had been warning the local residents of a really bad storm that was coming that included hail, and had been telling everyone to get inside. In that moment it was as if God was telling me not to worry about anything because he is in control of everything. What an amazing and powerful God I serve!

I remember experiencing acute kidney failure, and how God put me in exactly the right place and with exactly the right people so I could get to the hospital in time to not only heal but fully recover. I think of the amazing town of Welch, Oklahoma and the incredible folks that live there. God once again answered my prayers, and they provided for me and my journey in every way. Of the multiple times that my cart broke down, and how God always put the right people in my path to get it fixed each and every time. And all of the many people who have bought my meals, and provided me with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. God has answered my many prayers over and over again.

I have even learned to ask God for the smallest of things. On many really hot and humid days I have asked God for some cloud cover, or a breeze to cool me down, and I cannot begin to tell you how many times he has answered my simple prayers. I have seen clouds cover the sun, and cool breezes come from nowhere. I have run low on water and asked God to provide me with some, and over and over again people have stopped and provided me with water just when I needed it most. And every night I have asked God for a safe place to sleep, and a meal, and not once have I gone without a meal, or without a safe place to sleep.

The Bible says we should pray without ceasing, and I have learned to do just that. Nothing is to large or to small to ask of God. I believe many times we don’t get what we need or want because we simply don’t ask God for it. This journey has taught me to rely on God for everything, regardless of how large or small, and to have the faith that he will answer my prayers. At this point in my journey I have seen him answer my prayers in so many wonderful ways that I really believe anything is possible when you pray and truly believe. I encourage each of you that know him to begin praying without ceasing, at every opportunity during each and every day, believing that God will answer your prayers. God loves you and wants to answer your prayers, you only have to ask him. We serve an amazing God!

I have always asked God to lead me to others that I can talk to about him or help in some way, and God has answered those prayers as well. I have had so many opportunities to tell others about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to help others in many other ways as well. I remember walking on the Katy Trail one morning, and meeting a young lady who was homeless and in a very bad way. She had not eaten for four days, and had slept in a port-a-potty the previous night because she was afraid and had nowhere to sleep. I did my best to encourage her, pointed her to a few safe places where she could sleep, gave her some money and most of my food, and after saying goodbye continued with my walk. Not five minutes after having left her another young lady riding a bike stopped me and insisted on giving me some money, saying someone had helped her the day before and would not accept payment for it. They simply asked that she play it forward. After thanking her and saying goodbye, I looked at what she had given me. It was exactly the amount I had given the young homeless lady. I cannot begin to tell you of the joy I walked with in my heart that day!

For all of those who have faithfully prayed for me each and every day during my journey thank you! God is answering your prayers, and has taken care of me every step of the way. Please continue to pray that he will direct my paths, and lead me to others I can tell about his saving grace. My message as I walk is simply this, “Jesus Saves”! He can save you from a life of unhappiness and sadness, and give you a life of joy. He can take the most miserable person, and give them peace beyond any understanding. He can take the lost and those without hope, and give them a home in heaven. I know it is true because he has done it for me…

Until the next time…

Always Onward I Walk,