My trip to and through Kansas started with a ride from Pittsville, MO to Kansas City in the back of a van. I left Warrensburg, MO early Saturday morning and began walking towards Lone Jack, MO where I hoped to camp for the night. After walking about seventeen miles I stopped at convenience store in Pittsville. It was hot and humid, so I asked if I could stay inside and cool off for a few minutes. The ladies working that evening were very nice, and said I could sit inside as long as I needed to. I placed an order for some chicken strips, and sat down to eat.

Almost immediately a gentleman came in and introduced himself, and after a brief conversation he offered to go back to his home, pick his truck up and give me a ride to the Lone Jack campground. Because he lived so far away I told him I would call him if I found another ride or a place to spend the night before he got back. Not long after he left a wonderful couple named Kevin & Carla Meyers and their dog Missy met me outside of the store and they immediately offered me a ride to the Lone Jack campground, provided I didn’t mind if they ran by her sisters place before we headed to the campground. I thankfully  accepted their offer, and within minutes we were on our way.

After spending a couple of hours at her sisters place, Carla suggested I spend the night at their home instead of trying to walk through Kansas City alone, and what started out as a one night stay quickly turned into a one week stay. It turned out Carla worked for a local radio station that had worked very closely with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital for years, and she quickly arranged for a couple of radio interviews for me. It also turned out that St. Jude’s was having a major run / walking event in downtown Kansas City that Saturday, and they suggested that I stay and join in the fundraising event for St. Jude’s. After doing the radio interviews that week Kevin very kindly showed me around Kansas City, and in the evenings after dinner we all sat together and had lots of great conversations.

Once again God’s timing was perfect. I had several delays on the day I met Kevin & Carla that were frustrating at the time, yet had it not been for the delays I would have never been in that convenience store at exactly the time I needed to be to meet them. Among the many things I have learned on this trip is that God’s timing is always perfect, and everything that happens to me during any given day is for a reason. God has met my needs at exactly the right time over and over again during this walk, and I have learned to rely on him in every situation.

A couple of days before leaving Kansas City my sleeping pad started leaking air, and I was unable to find the leak and patch it. That sleeping pad has truly been a blessing on this trip, and I hated to see it go. I planned to purchase whatever I could find locally, but once again God provided in my time of need. Without telling me Kevin & Carla went online and purchased the exact sleeping pad that I had been using, and gave it to me as a gift the day I left to continue walking. Not only did they provide me with a new sleeping pad, they also gave me two charging packs for my phones as well as pain relief cream for muscle soreness, and offered to drive me several hours into Kansas to help me make up for the time I had lost during that week and during the time of my illness. After driving me into Kansas they also camped that last evening with me, and with sadness I left my newly made friends Kevin, Carla and Missy the next morning and continued with my walk down Hwy 50.

Kevin & Carla, thank you so much for everything you did for me during my brief stay with you. You were truly a blessing in every way, and the kindness you showed was me went beyond anything I could have imagined, and will never be forgotten. May God bless you for the incredible kindness you showed me.

I will be continuing with my walk down Hwy 50 as I head towards New Mexico, and will be updating my blog as soon as I can. Please continue to pray for me as I continue with this amazing journey, that God will continue to protect me and provide for my needs. More importantly pray that he will lead me to folks I can help and be a blessing to as well. Until the next time…

Always Onward I Walk,