It has been a while since I updated my blog, and that’s in part because a lot has happened since I arrived in Hermann, Missouri and in part because of the lack of internet access on the Katy Trail. After arriving in Hermann I was given the opportunity to do some remodeling work at a restaurant and provided with a place to live while there. Because I was still having a few health issues I decided to take a wonderful lady named Karri Isom up on the offer, and I am really glad I did.

Not only did the month I spent there give me time to fully heal, it also gave me the opportunity to get to know Karri and her family so much better. They were beyond kind to me in so many ways, and made me feel welcome from the very beginning. Every day was truly an adventure, and I will never forget the brief time I got to spend with them.

While there I was witness to an archery competition between Karri and her eldest daughter Joanna like I have never seen. Believe me when I tell you these ladies know how to use a bow, and in fact Karri was at one time the Missouri state archery champion. I soon found out that these ladies can not only shoot a bow incredibly well, but they also fish, hunt all types of game and know how to run a trap line as well.

To top it off I was able to go to a local fair, attend a live concert, witnessed my first Amish vegetable auction, and saw first hand how vegetable markets work. I also had all of the fresh tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon I wanted to eat. On several evenings I got to enjoy long walks with Karri and her family, and for a little while I almost felt like I was home again.

I will never forget this wonderful family and the many kindnesses they showed me on a daily basis. Joanna, if you read this thank you so much for all of our many conversations, and for going walking with me when you could. I hope all of your dreams really do come true, and you have a happy and fufilling life. Karri, I will forever remember your beautiful smile, your hard work and determination, and the many evenings spent talking as we sat in front of your house. Thank you so much for the time you spent with me, and for all of the places you took me and things you showed me. My life is truly enriched because of you, and I consider it a privilege to call you my friend. May you find the happiness you deserve, and may God forever keep you and bless you.

I leave Hermann and my friends with a heavy heart but also with gratitude. Saying goodbye is never easy, yet at the same time my world is a much better place because of the time I spent with Karri and her family. As I leave and walk into the unknown I can only hope that I meet other families just like them, and I am given the privilege of getting to know and spend time with them as well.

Please pray for me as I begin walking again, that God will watch over me, guide me and lead me to those he would have me meet as I continue with my journey across America.

Always Onward I Walk,