Walking against traffic as required by state laws is definitely going to take some getting used to. I’m sure not all highways have wide shoulders to walk on so I will have to really pay attention at all times. As I go along I will update this post with the challenges I face from road walking across this great country of ours.

UPDATE: 05/13/2018

I had absolutely no idea how challenging this part of the journey would be. Road shoulders vary from being eight feet wide to non-existent. Walking head on into big rig tailwinds while going uphill is a whole lot of fun. I’ve just learned to lean into the wind, lower my head and keep moving. The upside to the tailwinds is the much needed cool breeze it provides on 90 degree days. To their credit most big rig drivers try to move into the next lane if possible, and have proven to be very friendly. Cars and SUV’s just provide a nice breeze and for the most part have given me a wide berth.

I have to be very careful when I encounter roads with no shoulders. These type of roads seem to exist mostly as you enter and leave each town. I just pull my cart as far off the road as possible, stop, let the traffic go by, and then I continue walking.  Needless to say this adds a lot of time to my walk each day, and really gives my back and shoulders a workout.

Bridges and road construction are a whole different kind of challenge. I’m left with no option but to wait until I see no traffic, then I run as fast as I can across the bridge or construction area, usually ending up out of breath and having to take a short break. So far so good.

Dead animals on the side of the road serve as a constant reminder to be alert at all times. Pray for me that as I walk God will keep me safe and out of dangerous situations.