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Okay, I get that most rational folks would never think about spending their retirement out walking through the American countryside from town to town, with no particular destination in mind, and unbound by any specific time frame…


So why am I doing it?

My reasons are not mind blowing by any stretch of the imagination. I simply could not see myself spending the rest of my life sitting at home alone, occasionally having family members over for a cookout, or once in a while going with friends for a social night out. I’ve never been the most conventional person anyway, and the idea of spending my retirement enjoying the great outdoors, walking the highways of America and meeting lots of interesting people just totally appeals to me. I know that my journey will be incredibly difficult, and even painful and a little dangerous at times (I’m not exactly a spring chicken anymore), but I fully believe the rewards will far outweigh the difficulties that stand in my way. I love the freedom of no longer having deadlines, or the everyday routines most of us have fallen into. Walking across America as I please, in no particular hurry, and laying under the stars at night makes everything else pale by comparison. I suspect there are those of us would dearly like to do the same thing, but our obligations are so great we simply can’t. It also gives me a great opportunity to contribute to a fantastic cause, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, TN. They are doing truly inspiring work with children, and I cannot think of a better cause to raise money for than their cause. If you would like to contribute financially to my walk and to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital there is a link at the bottom of this article where you can do just that. In advance thank you so much for your generosity.

So those are my reasons in a nutshell. Pray that God will grant me his traveling mercy, lets raise a lot of money to help eliminate cancer once and for all, and who knows, perhaps one day soon our paths will cross, and we can spend a little time swapping stories and spinning a few tall tales…

I want to give special thanks to my sons Logan and Colby, to Nancy Davis, and to Jessica Millsaps not only for their support and encouragement from the moment I decided to make this journey, but also for their help in getting everything ready for me to go. Preparing for this trip would have been far more difficult without them, so THANK YOU!

ABOVE ALL ELSE, I can walk in TOTAL PEACE and CONTENTMENT, because I KNOW that all is Well with my Soul… John 3:16

Contribute to St. Jude’s and My Walk Across America!

Blessings Continue

June 18th, 2018|0 Comments

What an amazing week! So much has happened I hardly know where to start. After leaving Carthage I began my walk to Webb City but was unexpectedly delayed after experiencing boot failure and foot pain. I stopped at an RV park on Old Route 66

Leaving Missouri (Sadly)

June 12th, 2018|1 Comment

As I close out my walk through Missouri, I’m once again reminded of the power of prayer, and of the amazing and timely way in which God continues to supply my needs. Each morning as I begin my walk I ask God to provide me

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Walking Route 66

June 6th, 2018|2 Comments

Well, this week if all goes well I should be leaving Missouri and walking into Kansas. I’m currently walking along the “Mother of all Highways” Route 66, and thank goodness because as I get closer to the Kansas line the roads have become less hilly

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Update from Missouri

May 31st, 2018|1 Comment

Wow, I’ve made it all the way to Marshfield MO, and am finishing up a much need four day stay with my nephew Phillip King. Staying indoors for a few days and being able to sleep on a soft bed, as well as take showers


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